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RGB color scheme guide: Link your game world and the reality

When it comes to RGB lighting atmosphere, what comes to your mind first? Widgets for illuminating atmosphere? Gamers? Light lover?

Gamers' goal was to get the highest overall performance within a limited budget. Today, performance is not the only criterion of a gaming device. But also the atmosphere brought by the device itself should be infectious enough. You can not find anything else do that job better than the "RGB". It is the fad in the gaming world and appears more and more on mics, keyboards, and computer building. 

RGB lighting links the colors of the virtual game world and the real one, so as to achieve the ultimate immersion. Once you've enjoyed its glamour, it becomes additive. Returning to the boring game space just facing the gray wall will be the last thing you will do. Whether you are a tech nerdy or a game player, you must not be able to resist the atmosphere created by RGBs.

Monochrome schemes

Monochrome schemes are always the best template for creating a pure game environment atmosphere, which is simple and echoes the theme of the game. Or when you just do not know how to get started. 

Angry blood red

From the bloody smell on the exciting battlefield, or the thrilling reminder of horror games, to the tense racing, red is still a popular choice in the RGB field. Red can always be a leader in setting off the atmosphere. The only concern is that too many people use it. If that occurs to you, then scroll down to look for some other colors. 

Dark and mysterious purple

Bright cyan for E-sports

When it comes to purple, we always think of the cauldron of witches, thorns and branches with dangers, matching the mysterious feeling created by purple lights, every step in the game is unpredictable. Every promotion of plot and every exploration into danger will expose the players to the unknown.

Enthusiastic and bright cyan makes people more energetic, few people would use cyan monochrome to set off the atmosphere, but if you try it out, you will not miss the light and happy experience it brings you. 

Technical Space blue

Blue always brings a calm and determined emotion. The atmosphere it creates make you feel like exploring the outer space, push you into the endless universe, and ease your pressure when seeking peace in the game.

Electronic pink

Who says pink can't be the theme color to stimulate the battlefield? Riding a skateboard, blowing bubble gum, and defying the rules of the challenge arena, she's showing a smiling face which belongs to a winner.

Vibrant Sunset orange

Simple white

Sunset-like orange is not too strong or bright, but its powerful color properties are hard to be hidden. In games with strong sense of story, I would recommend orange, which make players feel like watching the sunset while listening to the story.

White is more simple and stylish, but for RGB, it may be a little difficult to create pure white. Cool white has a little bit blue tone, and warm white turns out a color closes to yellow or orange, but white is still the most generous color.

Dichromatic schemes

If you're struggling with multi-coloured RBG schemes, one of the next dichromatic schemes is sure to hit the spot. Blue and yellow compose of the "Cyberpunk" element, while purple and blue make you fully integrate into the space exploration with Outriders. The yellow and orange create the doomsday scene of Metal Max Xeno. Accelerate your racing car in Gran Turismo 7 with the red and blue colors. You can spread the Kirby and the Forgotten Land more into your room in the pink and green.

When you are configuring RGB components for your game space, the streaming microphone A8 will certainly become the last piece of jigsaw puzzle in your game equipment team. Switch freely among seven monochrome colors, allowing you to fill your own ray of light in the rainbow color in the game area. If monochrome can’t exhibit your strong ambience, you can also switch it to 7-color rotation gradient or two-color gradient rotation mode. But the possibilities of the ambience brought by this RGB mic A8 are definitely not only the schemes listed above.

However, if the RGB atmosphere of your game space is attractive enough, you can also choose a multi-color USB mic Ampligame to win the sight focus on you. Deep and silk blue, simple and pure white, pink for E-sports girl, all of them can infinitely upgrade your original game environment atmosphere. This is the vitality gene carried by the young Ampligame, who integrates the concept of multi-color into the blood.

By joining the gaming mics Ampligame and A8 into your E-sports world and make them become important members of your gaming environment deployment scheme, you can create your own unique RGB atmosphere in your game space.

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