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Both ambient accessories and practical peripherals help up the game

Pro players have demanding requirements for computer peripherals, and top-level gears allow them to have better maneuver and handle the situation in the game. For casual gamers, a set of accessories that fit for their usage habits or just the atmosphere and practicality will have the same effect on upgrading your gaming experience.

The RGB accessories go down well among gamers for reasons, which can enhance the sense of game atmosphere like nothing else does. With the gorgeous lighting matches the theme of the game to bloom a unique shine, you can experience every exciting sprint and thrilling shootout in the game. Ambient lights, mouse pads, laptop stands, etc., which have attracted much attention, as long as the keyword RGB is attached. The Ampligame S3 headset stand is also becoming one of the most powerful contenders in this ambient RGB racetrack.

Visualizing the immersion is exactly what S3 is working on. However, unlike the software controlled RGB, the dynamic AmpliGame S3 is a rich source of variability and it can always give you unexpected visual surprises. It brings you 4 lighting effect modes, 9 lighting beating schemes, 8 Monochromatic, monochromatic gradient, rainbow color and marquee. RGB dances in different postures as the loudness of environmental sound changes. The continuity of lighting complements the atmosphere, and the variability of RGB materializes the rhythm of the music, allowing you to immerse yourself in the game instead of being frustrated by the “GAME OVER” breaking in the screen.

RGB isn't the only charm of AmpliGame S3, its practicality shouldn't be underestimated. With a stable design, the ability to withstand the headset is stronger, and it won't overturn easily when excited celebrating for the victory. The idea of the hollowed-out back will surprise you when you are looking for a desk cable collecting space.

Speaking of practicality, we have to mention the microphone arm, which has an unusually high usage-rate among gamer. In addition to saving space for the headset stand, a boom arm improves the microphone sound quality to another level. The chunky or all-metal body microphones are heavier, and a small tripod are not easier to hold them up or get them closer to the sound source . In most cases, the far-away talking distance and the vibration from the table is likely to resulting in much poorer sound quality. However, if you choose a boom arm made of cheap materials that cannot bear the weight of a hefty microphone, the mic may sag and shake.

Can this microphone boom arm FIFINE BM63, which does not need to be packed up and stored and can be returned to its original position with just a slight pull, become your first choice for organizing your desk space without anxiety? It takes up less space, is easy to install. And the high quality metal material don't just give you more load-bearing capacity, it also ensures precise positioning, adjusting the distance and angle is no longer a pain. Each boom is a full 15.5 inches long, so it can be easily pulled close to your mouth without shaking, even if it is installed on a wide and long workbench.

The choice of accessories is also a decisive factor for game experience. The suitable ambient accessories and practical peripherals significantly improve your experience for gaming. They are definitely worthy of gamers’ attention and consideration.

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